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French gastronomy in jar and can

Poke salad with vegetables , salmon. avocado in a jar.Healthy food

French gastronomy in jar & can

  • A selection of the best products and recipes of French gastronomy
  • Long-term consumption (up to 5 years for some products)
  • Eco-responsible consumption (almost zero plastic and waste)

Our favourite Offerings


Spreadable Delicacies




Main Courses

Mets_Terroir_Moelleux_Chocolat_2-550x478 (1)


Sandwich with homemade pate

Foie gras & spreadable Delicacies

Gazpacho soup in crock pot and ingredient on wooden table



Main Courses

Chocolate pannacotta with strawberries.

Dessert & Confectionery

The Four Seasons by MetsTerroir
Each quarter, receive a seasonal hamper

France and its regions by MetsTerroir

Every 2 months, receive a selection of the best products of a region

Home cooking by MetsTerroir

Every quarter, receive a medley of 13 succulent dishes for 3 to 4 people

Solo cooking by MetsTerroir

Every quarter, receive 13 of our best individual dishes in a jar

Taste everywhere: at home

Taste everywhere: at work

Taste everywhere: on a trip

The best of French terroir

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